Each innovation by Specialities is made with sustainability in mind using methodologies able to create new solutions from the manufacturing process to the product development by working in a sustainable way. Sustainable solutions that benefit the community, the customers and individuals inside and outside the company.


Specialities is powered by a geothermal energy production plant that drastically reduces sulfur compounds and carbon dioxide emissions compared to a fossil fuel carbon power plant. Geothermal energy is recognized to be cleaner, more efficient and more cost- effective than burning fossil fuels.

Acknowledging solar energy as an important renewable source, Specialities is equipped with a photovoltaic plant with a total capacity of 195 Kilowatt covering 100% of the electric power consumption during the year.

Our commitment to the environment

Industry 4.0 production, automatization, lean manufacturing processes

Use of renewable energy to conserve natural resources

Processes that minimize negative environmental impact

Clean energy consumption, less emission

Minimize energy consumption through efficient production processes

People make the difference

At Specialities we care about our people and protecting employee's health and safety is our absolute priority.

We make people feel comfortable in their working environment, engaging them to actively contribute to the achievement of objectives

We are equal opportunity employers

We develop dedicated training programs for our employees

We provide part-time employment opportunities for working parents

We offer social benefits and welfare programs for our employees

We garantee a clean and safe working environment

certification policies

At Specialities the basis of our continuous improvement processes are the corresponding certifications for our activities, proving our commitment to both government regulations and international standards for the industry.